Discomfort generates restlessness

Parasites ascend from the anal area to the genital area, enter the vagina, generating a vulvovaginitis (inflammation, itching, often smelly flow). Not only it stings the anal region but it also stings the vulvar region Detoxant Review, this discomfort generates restlessness preventing sleep.

The infection is not serious and can be eradicated with ease and a bit of perseverance. Unlike other parasites, they infect only humans. The eggs are deposited between the folds of the anus.

Reinfection of oneself occurs when the infected eggs reach the mouth through the hands that have scratched the anus. Person-to-person transmission also occurs when handling contaminated clothing, bed sheets, towels and environmental surfaces contaminated with pinworm eggs (such as curtains, Detoxant Review) as they are extremely volatile.

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