Careful selection

Those who disguise themselves as rigorous scientists, wearing a crisp white starched gown that has had to be washed with the last sensation of the world of detergent, and that have only been put in front of a microscope to pose in the promotional photos or for the pressĀ AmbroSina SkinCare (if we spin so thin as to distinguish between them).

Those who fill their discourse with scientific-technological jargon, choosing from a careful selection of sufficiently ambiguous terms (concentrate of assets, complement of last generation, …), attractively sophisticated (anti-aging nutraceutical, hormesis), semantically appropriate to the current times (reduce your stress, natural, neutralize radicals, …).

All to make sure that we are already there AmbroSina SkinCare, that we do not have to wait any longer and that we have the solution to avoid aging.

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